Stake $PROOF & earn a share of the trading volume of PROOF launched tokens
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Superchargeyour token launch

PROOF is a web3 startup incubator, with a unique token launch approach that makes founders more money, unlocking the resource to execute on their vision.

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Investor network

PROOF is known for high quality launches that are hard rug-proof. As a result, our launches are in high demand, with thousands of investors ready and waiting to buy PROOF launched tokens.

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Say hello to the

The PROOF Pass is an NFT that gives investors an early entry opportunity to buy your token launch. It’s an essential element of our strategy to ensure your success, and the floor price proves it’s worth.

Being launched by PROOF is a no brainer as their track record for safe, successful launches is impeccable rn.

CryptoDaddi (40K followers)

If you are a developer/team & want a risk-free launch I would highly recommend checking PROOF out.

Eric Cryptoman (200K followers)

...a successful PROOF launch usually means $5 million to $10 million market cap at minimum.

Income Sharks (500K followers)

The project is as SAFU as it gets, being launched by PROOF.

Crypto Fundamentals (85K followers)
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Marketing support

We have a vast network of KOLs and influencers ready to promote your project. Crypto is a hype-driven industry, so getting the right people talking about your project is crucial.

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A platform with world-class tools & features

We’ve carefully crafted a full suite of tried and tested tools for launching your token, designed to maximize your chance of success. Whether you want to launch with a whitelist or stealth launch, PROOF has you covered. Our contracts are audited too.

Expert guidance

Whether you're a crypto native or transitioning from Web2 to Web3, we'll save you countless hours and wasted $$ by avoiding the common pitfalls.


Founder of PROOF

JP has spent 15 years building & scaling web-based businesses. Learn more via his LinkedIn.


Lead Engineer

Benji is responsible for building out the PROOF Platform, and it’s associated tools & features.

Source Hat

Solidity Engineer

Our smart contracts are developed by the experts in smart contract security.


Creative Director

Need a world-class creative agency, specializing in web3? We’ve got TH3M!


Community Manager

Louis heads up our Asia-Pacific timezone as PROOF’s community manager.


Community Manager

When we’re asleep in Australia (where most of our team is based), Hester is there to help!


Telegram Expert

Kokos can get your Telegram set up so it’s nice and secure, with any custom bots you may need.

Exclusive offers

PROOF has partnerships in place to bring you exclusive discounts and offers. Marketing services, such as AMAs, callers etc can also come at a discount as a result of launching with PROOF.

Assure DeFi Paal AI

Having a trusted partner like PROOF is critical in crypto and has been integral to our launch. They’re the experts in token launches, that stay the course & help in so many ways. 🙏

Token launched Apr 26, 2023 FX1 Sports (FXI) - Damien Dau

More than just the platform, JP and the team have been our advisors. They operate with a level of integrity and generosity that is rare. Couldn't recommend them more highly. 🤝

Token launched Jun 27, 2023 G Revolution ($G) - André Eikmeier

We’re grateful to the PROOF team for their guidance as we navigated the launch. They brought in KOLs that were key to our success, that we couldn’t have accessed without them.

Token launched Feb 22, 2024 BuildAI ($BUILD) - Demon Slayer

Calling all investors

Proof Launches

Buy PROOF launches

Investors love to buy PROOF launched tokens due to the high quality of the projects launching + our safety features ensure you can’t be hard rugged.

Proof Rewards

Earn rev share

Buy and stake the $PROOF token to earn a share of the daily trading volume from tokens launched on PROOF. Over US$500,000 has been paid out so far!

Applications open. Apply to PROOF today!

Want to launch your token with PROOF? We can’t wait to hear about your big idea.