Stake $PROOF & earn a share of the trading volume of PROOF launched tokens


Our fee structure is founder-friendly. There’s zero
upfront cost, and we’ve structured things in a
way that we only make money if you do.


Zero upfront cost.

A fee structure that’s founder friendly. Apply to PROOF Apply to PROOF
  • We can launch your token on any chain
  • Audited smart contracts
  • Access to an engaged audience of investors
  • Access to our network of KOLs
  • Access to our full suite of tools and features
  • Free KYC verification by Assure DeFi
  • Free custom PAAL bot
  • Advice and support from the PROOF team
Transaction fee
(first 24 hours)
Transaction fee
(next 30 days)
Transaction fee
(after 31 days)

Frequently asked.


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  • What chains does PROOF support?

    Although we admittedly have a strong preference for ETH, due to our network and confidence in driving strong trading volume, we can support your launch on any chain.

  • Do I need any engineering experience to create a token?

    We’ve built out a full suite of tools to help you create and manage your token, with ease. It’s as easy as filling out a form!

  • What is a transaction fee?

    This simply refers to our fee, which is taken out automatically whenever your token is traded. This is automatically reduced to just 1% after 24 hours, and is automatically removed completely after 31 days.

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